Sonntags-Playlist: J-Rock

So, this post will be in English because J-Rock is a worldwide phenomenon! And not only the German-speaking people should understand this!

Well why did I choose this theme? My weekend was full of J-Rock concerts! On Friday I was at the coldrain concert in Hamburg and on Saturday I was able to see girugämesh live. It’s a pity that they will disband this July after their last concert :< So I’m really, really happy and lucky to have the chance to see them for my first and one of their last times. I’ve choosen 10 of my favourite J-Rock songs. It was really difficult for me~ There are so many awesome artist, but I can’t do a “Top 100 playlist” – would be too much 😀  So, I hope you will enjoy my decision. Have fun with it 🙂 Let me know  if you know this artists or if you like other ones better. Tell me your “J-Rock-story”!

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Sonntags-Playlist: 5 erste Songs

Ja, wie der Titel sagt: Immer wieder Sonntags, kommt die Erinneruuuung.

Naja, nicht ganz. Herzlich Willkommen zu meiner aktuellen Sonntags-Playlist. 🙂

Heute möchte ich euch „5 erste Songs“ vorstellen – was das ist? 5 Bands, die ich durch den ersten Song, den ich von ihnen gehört habe, lieben gelernt habe. Dieses Klischee von Tokio Hotel – Durch den Monsun oder US5 – Maria lassen wir hier mal außen vor. Diese Bands haben in meiner Sonntags-Playlist der „Jugendsünden“ ihren Auftritt gehabt. 😀

Heute möchte ich meine 5 ersten Songs von The Rasmus, coldrain, Casper, Dead by April und ONE OK ROCK vorstellen.

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Sonntags Playlist

Wieder einmal ist es Sonntag und der 2. Durchgang geht zuende 🙂 Damit bin ich, Michelle, wieder an der Reihe. Meine momentanen Highlightsongs sind nicht die fröhlichsten. Schön, melancholisch aber nichts großartiges zum Tanzen. Hat man mal würde ich sagen. Überzeugt euch einfach selbst. Verschiedenste Künstler – die vielleicht nicht direkt zusammen passen. Die nicht unbedingt zusammen in einer Playlist erwartet werden..

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We Came As Romans and ONE OK ROCK at Dock’s, Hamburg

Long time no talk, I’m sorry for that! I visited many concerts in the last weeks (Russkaja in Hamburg, Letterbox Salvation and John Allen in Oldenburg, Callejon in Bremen, Electric Six in Essen), but I couldn’t find any time for writing about them. University stuff and things like that robbed all my time. But all those concerts were really aweeesooome!!

Well – 5 days ago I was in Hamburg to see ONE OK ROCK. And there I got to know the awesome We Came As Romans. They rocked the stage, like it was the end of the world. Awesome show, powerful performance, amazing songs – everything was perfect. The audience was partying with them – some of us had to headbang. My poor neck – I headbanged till my neck hurt! Ouch! 😀 After about 30 minutes their performance ended and they left the stage.

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