Just a crazy chemist that loves music

Hey yoo~

I’m Michelle, a 24 years old girl that lives in Oldenburg. I nearly finished my Chemistry study (Oh yes, most of you will react like “Ewww, Chemistry! How dare she?!”). Besides studying I’m working at University as a tutor for maths and a tutor for a labcourse in environmental sciences. Call me a freak or a nerd, whatever :p.

Well, most of my money flows into concerts and music. I listen to music every day, nearly every minute I got time for that. I prefer going to concerts rather than going to discos. My first concert I visited when I was 13 – 6 days before my 14th birthday – was Tokio Hotel! 🙂 For me music is everything. Music’s there when everyone else left. I really like the quote “If you’re happy you listen to the music. But when you’re sad you understand the lyrics!”

In 2003 I fell in love with The Rasmus. They are my all time favourite. I love their songs, their sounds and the fact that they come from Finland 😀 It’s a shame I only saw them two times in concert :< My second love in music is coldrain. A Japanese rock/metal band with a pretty cute singer *o*.  Last but not least I love the music of Casper. He’s a wonderful live-act and his performances are perfect. I really love his voice and his lyrics are soooo damn realistic.

Another fact about me is that I work on festivals like Deichbrand and Freifeld-Festival. But as a volunteer, I don’t earn any money for doing that. But I love festivals and it’s a great experience to see “the other site” of a festival. And you meet sooo many great people!

I got to know the girls in lame ways 😀 Nothing special.

Like Tabea said, we met in 7th grade. First she didn’t like me, but now we’re inseperable. We know each other for more than 10 years. It wasn’t always easy, but look: Here we are :3 I’m pretty thankful that I met her. Sometimes she’s the only one who understands me. And in January 2015 we got the same tattoo (The Crest of Friendship, Digimon).

I met Lea in 2013 when I visited Tabea in Braunschweig. The two are pretty good friends, too. We wanted to go on a concert of Captain Capa. That was the day I got to know her. We doesn’t meet that often, but when we meet it’s really funny. And it was a pleasure to meet her. I really love all the colours she has/had her hair dyed!

Janna and me got to know in 2012. We met before our trip to Helsinki ❤ Before our trip Tabea, Janna and me went to the cinema to watch „Titanic 3D“. The 5 Days in Helsinki were the best days in my life and Janna and Tabea were a great part of it <3.

P.D: If you found any errors: Just keep them 🙂

More stuff~

Favourite Pokémon: Hell! That’s hard, I really like Eevee, Espeon, Umbreon and Jolteon

Favourite Digimon: Raidramon, V-mon and Tailmon

Favourite Superhero: Spyro the Dragon :3

Favourite Fantasy-Animal: Spyro again? 😀

Recommendation for a public toilet for a concert: Well, if you’re in Hamburg at the Reeperbahn: Use the toilet of the restaurant “Schweinske”. They are really nice and I never had any problems using the toilet there 🙂 If you are in Bochum at the Zeche you can use the toilet of the kiosk near the Zeche. They will give you a key to open the door, then you can use it 🙂


Craziest shit done for a band/concert: Hehehe~ in February 2010 I slept in front of the O2-World Arena to see Tokio Hotel live, it was sooo damn cold.. it was freezing!!  I waited there for about 36 hours.. another thing: in December 2012 I waited about 11 hours to see The Rasmus live~ it was snowing and raining and freezing! Hell that were the two coldest days in my life 😀

Hottest Bandmembers: Jennifer Weist (Jennifer Rostock), Masato Hayakawa (coldrain) & Benjamin Griffey (Casper)!!