Hey last but not least it´s me…Lea! I was so eager to start this blog but when it comes to like talking about me I always seem to avoid this. So this is why I´m late!

I do not live in Hannover (Germany-google maps is your friend :)) but know that my heart beats for this town! I hope I can move there someday. Currently I´m studying English at the TU Braunschweig. I have no idea where life will lead me so that`s why I`m having regular sob sessions at night. My dream would be to do anything related to music. Best would be something where you get to tour alot 😀 First day at University when asked what I would wish for if anything was possible I answered that I`d love to tour with a band as a roadie 😉

An important fact about me is that I almost ever go to shows alone! Some might say that this is strange but is due to the fact that there is not really someone who is addicted to shows the same as I am. But I do quite enjoy going alone because you don`t need to feel responsible for the person you`re with. You can stay as long as you want, leave earlier, just focus on the music(and merch ;)) and just let your mind wander.

As you can see music plays a really important role in my life! I don`t think I would be here without it. Music was my first love and it will be my last!

Other than that I´m a really shy personality. But when I´m close to someone I think I´m ok to be with. 😀

When it comes to my two partners in crime, Tabea and Michelle, I like that they are in a way as crazy about music as I am!!

I met Tabea at University, like the second day and the first thing we talked about was hairdye and music/going to shows (if I remember it correctly). Oh and we also talked about DragonBall/Trunks :3 I`m happy that she initiated the conversation by asking about my hair!! ❤

Michelle is a very close friend of Tabea and I first met her at a show  (Captain Capa)! She is a lovely person and I like that she always has different colours in her hair just like I do. Also our love for coldrain connects us 🙂 I`m glad to know her.

Random stuff

Instruments: When I was little I learned to play all sorts of flutes and clarinette at the school orchestra (I really miss the gigs we played-being on stage and stuff)

Favourite Pokémon: Wobbuffet and Pikachu ❤

Favourite Digimon: Can`t remember any to be honest! But I do love DragonBall ❤ Future Trunks and Vegeta

Favourite Superhero: probably Superman (I loved Smallville) and Peter Petrelli and Sylar from the TV Show „Heroes“ because obviously they`re hooot!

Favourite Fantasy-Animal: Ummm Unicorns of course, because obviously: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZXRrmZZP_M

Recommendation for a public toilet for a concert: always at the venue 😀 I have been to so many small venues that when it comes to the „bathroom“ nothing can shock me! And it`s always for free (make sure to always have some tissues with you)!!

How many ______ do I have?

Bandshirts:  waaait let me count that …. no actually I don`t want to but I guess around 50-60 🙂

CDs: I thought around 120! I just counted them…215 0.0 oops

Vinyls: 51 and I´m proud of every single one (and yes I do own a record player)

1. Craziest shit done for a band/2. at a show: 1. Before writing a really important exam I drove to Hamburg to see Paramore live(back in 2009). It was my best grade that semester. 2. I sometimes accidentally go into the mens bathroom o.o 

Hottest Bandmember: Josh James!!!! (google him, I`m in love) (playing the guitar in „Stick to your Guns“) because c`mon: https://instagram.com/p/0tmd7UNmP0/

female: Hayley Williams (she inspired me to first dye my hair)

Pro Tip for going to Shows: make sure to check out the area on google maps if you have never been there! it makes you feel safe and you will be way more relaxed! But most important always have a tissue with you. When going to many shows make sure to protect your ears!!! (you can always use a tissue and crumple it to fit into your ears)

Me when I met Frank Turner in Oxford 2014 (a few days after my birthday)