Album Review: The Rasmus – Dark Matters

Wow. Five years after the last The Rasmus‘ album „The Rasmus“ they publish their new album „Dark Matters“. The fans had to wait pretty long. And now we will finally hear the result. I already had the chance to listen to the new songs, and I have to say: I like it!

Dark Matters includes 10 songs with a total length of about 35 minutes. The cover is simple and reminds me of the song „Life burns!“ with Apocalyptica. You can see Lauri Ylönen and a burning door. On top you can see their logo of the Dead Letters era. Finally, that’s absolutely my fave logo of the band. Under their logo you can find „Dark Matters“ in capital letters.

The Rasmus already published 4 out of 10 songs and on September 29, 2017 will follow song number 5. The album will be available on October 6, 2017.


picture by Anders Thessing

Dark Matters starts with the first single Paradise, one should already know. This songs reminds me of the „Dead Letters“ or „Hide from the Sun“ times. It’s rocking and less pop than their last album „The Rasmus“. The video was shot in Sweden and some fans had the chance to be part of it.

Paradise is followed by Something in the Dark, that will be published on September 29, before the album is finally available for everyone. Something in the Dark has a bigger influence of the solo-project of Lauri Ylönen. It contains more electric sounds and is less of the rock-genre. It is more danceable and has the chance to be played in clubs. But attention, this song is a really catchy!

Wonderman is the exact opposite. In my opinion it’s the best song of the album and has the most „Dead Letters“-character. And I love this album the most of all TR albums! It has more guitar sounds in it and is rocky. Lauris voice is more rough in the verse parts. The chorus is more smooth.

Song number 4 is Nothing. Again one of the already published songs. This one begins with high pitched sounds and sounds more electric than the first songs. There’s again more the influence of Lauri’s solo project. It’s again really catchy but not my favourite song of the album.

Empire is something really new. Doesn’t really sound like The Rasmus. It sounds kinda like R’n’B in the chorus parts and is the most poppy song, in my opinion. I think this song is a question of taste for the most The Rasmus fans. It’s not bad but not a typical The Rasmus sound.

I really like the next one: Crystalline. It begins with more guitar sounds which remind me of the beginning of In the shadows. That’s more the way I like The Rasmus‘ music although it gets more poppy in the middle part. It’s again danceable and could be a good livesong!


A really wonderful ballad is the song Black Days. It’s the most calm song on the album and the most melancholic. That could be a song that you can find on Black Roses. „I don’t need a reason, I just wanna feel something, you know that you can hurt me every time I let you in“ is just a small part of this song.

For Silver Night I needed so many tries. At first I really didn’t like the song. But it got into my head and followed me even in my dreams. „I follow wherever you go“ hahaha… ^^“ I thought it is too poppy, far too little The Rasmus. Just a song that could be played in the radio like all the mainstream stuff. But meanwhile it got me. And I kinda like it. But it’s still way too poppy.

The beginning of Delirium reminded me of Avicii’s „Hey Brother“. It’s again one of the songs that will go stuck in your head and never leave it again. You can party, you can dance, you will think Delirium is one of the songs from Lauri’s New World album. It has again more the influence of the solo project.

Dragons into Dreams is a good ending song. It’s calm and kind of absorbs the party mood from Delirium. You can end the album with smooth emotions, you will not be agitated. That’s again one of the songs that has more the typical The Rasmus character.

It seems like the more poppy songs and the more rocking songs are choosen to be listened to alternating.


Conclusion: The album is mixed with the typical The Rasmus sound and a big influence of Lauri’s solo project. In my opinion this album could provoke split opinions. One can love or hate it. I like the album even if it is something pretty new for the band and the old style at the same time. It’s like a big paradox. The band said about this album that they created music they like to hear themselves.

Favourite songs: Paradise, Crystalline, Wonderman, Black Days


  1. Paradise
  2. Something in the Dark
  3. Wonderman
  4. Nothing
  5. Empire
  6. Crystalline
  7. Black Days
  8. Silver Night
  9. Delirium
  10. Dragons into Dreams
  11. Supernova (only available for the limited Digisleeve)


So, tell us your opinion about this album!

Stay tuned!

~ Michelle


Ein Gedanke zu “Album Review: The Rasmus – Dark Matters

  1. I haven’t heard from them for a long time. Great come back, with amazing work and variety in their sound! Favorite songs: Wonder Women and Silver night. From the superhero hidden inside all of us to a catchy beat that stuck in my head in seconds.
    I Kinda like Music too and you could find some nice music proposals on my blog! Hope to see you there!!!

    Gefällt mir

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