Discover: thanks. „the kind of music that makes you want to take your pants off“

Steve Pagano and Mario Borgatta are combining psychedelic pop, electronically influenced beats and melodies with cinematic vibes. The result? Catchy indie pop from thanks.!

In 2009 they met at Berklee College of Music and realized having the same sentiment for music. So they decided to make music together and take a look: they got unique music thats accessible to the masses. Steve and Mario are handling their story in their music. And that’s the point where they are reaching their audiences.

Steve and Marion already have had numerous TV placements on e.g. ABC, Netflix or MTV. And they have engineered on records from e.g. Death Cab For Cutie, Foster The People or Muse.

Not everybody is capable to say that!


Their Debut Album „Colfax“, named after the location of their recording studio and where the majority of the album was conceived, will be released in summer 2017. It’s the „culmination of their mutual thoughts and beliefs“. “Whatever the theme is, we do our best to make keep it transparent so it can be interpreted in different ways”, admits Borgatta. thanks. pride themselves on being people who are in touch with the universe and the people who occupy it. This assimilation with the people can be felt in their music and there is no mistake, it’s genuine.

The leading single of this album is called „Your World“ and is already available on Spotify.

The song is really groovy and „chilly“. It will get stuck in your head and is kinda catchy. You can dance to the song, take a drink with your friends and have a good evening. That’s my impression when listening to the song.

If you’re curious about the song, you can listen to it right HERE.

If you wanna stay in touch with those two cool dudes, you can find them on their social media:






Stay tuned!



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