Single Review: Kat Kenna – Mermaid Song

„Emerging indie-pop artist Kat Kenna is often described as a siren, a singer with a Kate Bush-esque voice, a storyteller with cinematic songs and haunting melodies.“
Kat Kenna is based in London and gigged numerous venues in the UK. In the independent Russian movie „Rehearsals“ her music was featured as a part of the main soundtrack. She began to sing pretty early and reached the finals of Pop Idol Russia. Kat grew up in Russia. There the ancient pagan Mari tribes mix together with slavic culture and magic and supernatural beliefs are taken seriously.
First Kat moved to Moscow where she established her career with different Radio and TV presenting jobs. In 2009 she moved to London to pursue her music business and to develop her songwriting and production skills.

Kat’s first official single „Mermaid Song“ will be released this Saturday, July 1, 2017 on Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music. A little later a video and an EP will follow.
„Mermaid Song‘ is the love story of a siren and a sailor, whom she’s saving and setting free. It’s against her nature, as she usually kills them, but she fell in love in an instant and saved his life instead.“
The song lasts 3:26 minutes and is a real earcatcher. It’s still on my mind and I had to listen to it again and again.
The beginning sounds like sitting at the beach and listening to the waves hitting the cliffs.
With a really strong but likewise really fragile voice, Kat fits perfect to the light melody of the song.
All in all it fits perfectly together and the song will stuck in your head. It’s awesome and you definitly have to listen to this masterpiece!
Find Kat Kenna on her social media:
Small spoiler

I’ll remember your face
Remember your voice
The blue of your eyes
They are just like the ocean
Where I belong
My love let me stay
Let me stay, hey, under water, my love…


Stay tuned~

~ Michelle

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