Album Review: Cardboard Hearts – If My Thoughts Could Be Heard

Cardboard Hearts ist a Berlin-based indie rock band formed in 2015. The members are mixed up from four different countries: the American guitarist and vocalist Jacob Eisenach, the Danish drummer Kristian Smedegaard, the German/American violinist and pianist Darya Guettler and last but not least the Russian bassist Gabriel Mkhitaryan. Sounds interesting, right?

Until now Cardboard Hearts released a self-produced EP in Spring 2016, the single „Blink of an Eye“ in Spring 2016, as well, and the first full-length album „If My Thoughts Could Be Heard“ in December 2016.

The album consists of 8 songs and has a length of 27 minutes.

The first song „At the Same Time“ is a really happy and danceable song. If you listen to this song you have to join this „uhuuuhuuu“-parts and you’re feeling like being on a sunny festival and dancing in the sun. Really good start, huh?

Nearly the whole album has a pretty happy and danceable attitude. I like the track „Good Day“, too. Those two words are so positive and bring good mood with themselves. „But now everyday is a good day, a good day“ – who can’t like this song? I really like it!

Song number 6 „Hail to the Wire“ has a really interesting middle part, I like the violin-„solo“. The mix of this different instruments with a violin is reckless, but really cool! Violins are becoming more and more famous. The way it is used in this song, or better in the whole album, is laudable and smart!

The last song „Carry My Heart“ is the most sad song on this album. It’s not that danceable than the other songs, maybe it’s because of the „typical“ violin sound. Reminds me of Irish music, that could be played in an Irish pub. It’s a good chosen last song, to end this album.

All in all this album is a good-mood and spring-like sound, that could be played really good on a (sunny) festival. The last song is a good ending with this kinda „sad“ attitude, could be a good last song on a concert, in my opinion. It’s a pitty that the whole length is just about 27 minutes, kinda short. Maybe we’ll listen more on the next album? Who knows..

If you are a fan of indie music or you will be in future, you have to listen to Cardboard Hearts!

Personal favourites: At the Same Time, I Don’t Mind It, Good Day



  1. At the Same Time
  2. Bubble Wrap
  3. Good Day
  4. I Don’t Mind It
  5. If My Thoughts Could Be Heard
  6. Hail To The Wire
  7. Crazy
  8. Carry My Heart


You can find them on 






The only German tourdate is on 1st of June at the SO36 in Berlin at the Emergenza Semifinals.

Stay tuned!

~ Michelle





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