Apocalyptica @Mehr! Theater am Großmarkt, Hamburg, 16.02.17

A little late, I’m sorry!

Last Thursday I had the chance to see Apocalyptica live in concert in Hamburg. I love the band and the city: best conditions for a wonderful evening with good music!

At 8 p.m. the lights were shut down and everyone became quiet. At the location I saw many „older“ people and some were from foreign countries. A very mixed up crowd.

The stage was dark, just four partition screens and then the band came onto stage with a surprise: Mikko wasn’t with them, but instead they had Antero (one of the founding members of Apocalyptica!) on stage. The show began without any words. The slogan of this tour is „Plays Metallica by four Cellos“.


The first half of the show was only filled with good music by four cellos. No vocals. No other instruments. The show began with „Enter Sandman“, followed by „Master of Puppets“. The emotions they guys put into the music was awesome, sometimes I had to suppress a single tear :‘) The scenery was simple but beautiful, the different light-colours well choosen. After an hour the first half was over and there was a twenty minutes break.

For the second half they got the drums onto the stage. And Mikko was playing them, finally! The second half began with „Fade to Black“. Perttu went to the microphone and screamed „YOU ARE ALLOWED TO STAND. YOU ARE ALLOWED TO SCREAM!“ Finally all the people jumped out of their seats, some began to headbang, to dance, to rock. Finally there was some action in the crowd. The second half was really cool. More the part of a „real“ Apocalyptica show – I have to say, I kinda missed some of their own songs, but that was the wrong tour to go. ;D


The most popular songs of Metallica were played by this awesome Finnish band and they did it with all their hearts. An awesome evening. I’m pretty happy about having been there!

You can find the whole setlist here.

If you have the chance to see Apocalyptica live: Do it (for example at the Deichbrand Festival this year ;D).

~Rawk on



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