Niila @ Docks Hamburg, 14.10.2016, Support: Wincent Weiss

Moin to you out there!
I know, it’s been pretty long since you’ve heard/read from me, and there’s actually no real excuse for it. I’m really sorry!

But I FINALLY went to a concert! This year has been pretty low on concerts for me, but now there was one: Niila! In my favourite german city of all time: Hamburg!
Never heard of Niila? Well, you should, if you follow this blog, because we also published an Album review about his Debut Album Gratitude. And even if you don’t follow this blog,you should know about him.

Niila is a finnish singer-songwriter and most germans probably know him because he supported Sunrise Avenue on their „Wonderland Ochestra“ Tour.
That’s how I came to know him, too.

Janna and I went to the Sunrise Avenue concert in Hamburg and decided right then and there, that we would go to see Niila on his Tour. Sadly Janna got sick, so she couldn’t come with me. 😦
Well, I met up with other friends in Hamburg and we went to the concert together.

It was at DOCKS, a pretty cool location at the Reeperbahn. It fits around 1500 people and it was sold out! (If we believe Niila’s words.) It was supposed to be at the Mojo, but Tickets was sold out so fast, that they moved it to a bigger venue. It was his biggest concert on this Tour, as far as I know.
We decided to stay in the back, right between two bars- its a very good place, I tell you.
And we were standing on little steps, so we were higher than the crowd that was front of stage, so we were able to see everything pretty good!


I know, you go to concerts to listen to music, but I also wanna see what’s going on up there most of the time!

So, around 8pm it started. Niila even had an supprt act (well, duh). A german singer called „Wincent Weiss“. I neve rheard of him before but I know the last song he played from the radio, it was called „Musik Sein.“ Which is als a miracle for me to know that, because I listen to the radio like, once a month when I drive my parents car. So, his song was played up and down any radio station – so even I knew it. Wincent Weiss is still working on his debut album, even though he had- two or more radio hits already.

My first thought was „Dang, he’s young. And a girlie-heartbreaker.“ I bet he totally is with his cute lyrics and bright smile- I can already see all the teens falling for him.
He was really good live, and he really knows how to sing! Even though I had to say, that the german music industry has a shitload of singers like him at the moment, and everyone sounds pretty much the same- so if I just closed my eyes, I couldn’t have said  who stood up there.
Don’t take it on the mean side, just my opinion. 🙂
Mainstream music nowadays sounds all the same anyways. 😉

Well, after 45 minutes he left the stage, even with people screaming for an encore- but support acts usually don’t get to do that.

After 15 minutes of stage-changing it was time for: Niila! He started off witht he song „Play You“, followed by „Don’t Love Nobody“ and „Single/Songwriter“. After three Songs, everyone was already dancing and singing along.
The rest of the Setlist you’ll find at the end of the post! 🙂

What I really like about Niila, that he has a certain diversity in his songs, even though they’re from the same album. Rap, Reggae, you can find it all in his music.
Plus, he has a saxophone player on stage- I’m totally in for that!
Niila’s music gives you good mood and you just want to dance- so we did, no matter how crowded it was. My favourite Song is „Fireflies“
I was looking forward to the one song I actually really knew- Restless Heart. The first single from his album. And, to be honest, I haven’t listen to his album that much so I didn’t know the other songs well enough to sing along- I was totally enjoying it anyways.

He did great, giving it his all, his band also, and they got the crowd screaming, dancing, singing and jumping along! Concerts are the best when the band can deliver a certain energy into the venue- and he (they) totally achieved that.

Around 10:30 the concert ended. And it took ages for two friends of mine to get their jackets from the wardrobe- because a certain „Star“ was up there. Samu from Sunrise Avnue was watching the concert. I actually thought about mentioning him at all, since this is not about him. But it was pretty…hilarious to see the crowd turning their backs to the stage because they spotted Samu on the balcony. At least they turned back around when the concert started- but the way they were screaming for him- I felt like at a Justin Bieber concert.
Even after the concert ended people were screaming for him- until I had enough and screamed „NIILA“. At that time, a few girls even turned aorund and thanked me, haha.

I then went outside to wait for my friends wo were getting their jackets and while I stood there, with two other friends of mine, freezing out butts off, a side door opened. Right next to the main entrance. I’ll let you know that inf ront of the main entrance, there was gathering quite a crowd to wait for Samu.
Guess what 90% of them didn’t notice? That the guy they were waiting for exit through the door right next to them and disappeared around a corner in a matter of seconds.

That was pretty amusing to watch.

After the concert, I went with two of my friends to a Bar at the Reeperbahn to drink a last little beer and then head home.

All in all, I can only say that it was an amazing concert! Niila- I hope you’ll be back soon, I’ll be glad to come to your show again.

– Tabea


  1. Play You
  2. Don’t Love Nobody
  3. Single/Songwriter
  4. Bottle Of Wine
  5. Sail My Way
  6. New Love
  7. Middle Of The Waterfall
  8. Sorry
  9. Timeless
  10. My Parade
  11. Smell The Roses
  12. Fireflies
  13. A Hundred Years
  14. Restless Heart




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