the Gazette @E-Werk, Cologne, 05.06.16

Well, a bit late, I’m sorry! I’ve that less time at the moment. But now I’ll tell you about my evening at the Gazette concert in Cologne.

It all began with three lines of people waiting. The „VIP-queue“, the „Fanclub queue“ and the „normal queue“. The „VIP-queue“ was really long, at first it seemed that it was longer than the normal queue.

Well, the doors opened at around 7 p.m. (for the normal queue) and the concert began at 8:30 p.m. At first, all the people ran to the merchandise. A big chaos began and some people couldn’t breath. That wasn’t cool. So a friend of mine got me three wristbands. In my opinion the prices were way too expensive. 70 € for a shirt, 30 € for a T-shirt and 16 € for a little plushie keychain (a bear). So I just bought the wristbands (7 € for three is really cheap!).


A picture of the stage (no photos allowed during the show!)

The E-Werk is pretty big for a club and I liked the structure of this venue. But there was a big problem: Only the VIPs were able to enter the part in front of the stage- There was a barrier in the form of a big square in front of the stage. This area was way too large, there was so much unused space. :< That was really unfair and that was the first time I saw this. „Normal“ fans were waiting all day long and weren’t able to be in the front row. Just pay around 160 €, then you get early entry, a wristband and a t-shirt, a short meet and greet and the possibility to be a front-row-fan. That wasn’t cool. But at my spot I was able to see nearly the whole stage.

The concert began at 8:30 p.m. with the announcement to respect the band’s wish to not take photos or videos. A concert without all the mobile phones and cameras in my eyesight was amazing! The band entered the stage. The show began with „Nihil“. The audience had fun and was partying. The whole show was mixed with new songs from „Dogma“ and some really cool old songs like „Vortex“, „Filth in the beauty“ or „Headache Man“. Setlist will follow later. The crowd rocked the show: headbanging, dancing, jumping but no Moshpits or Circle Pits. The band talked to the audience. Mostly in Japanese, but „Wir lieben euch!“ and „Dankeschön“ were pronounced pretty cute. The band looked happy, Uruha and Aoi swirled around the stage, Reita changed his mask and Kai put all his energy in his drums. Singer Ruki’s voice was amazing, he was growling, screaming and singing from the bottom of his heart. They had much fun on stage, I think. It was my first Gazette concert and I really loved it! Amazing guys and amazing show! All in all it was really dark and aggressive, the new album is the hardest one of all their albums. So the clothes of the band were dark, too.

After „Filth in the beauty“, the 13th song, followed a break of 20-25 minutes. That was hell! But after this break the band came back on stage and played a great encore. After about 80-90 minutes show and 20-25 minutes break the concert ended. I hope to see them again, soon.


  1. Dogma
  2. Rage
  3. Vortex
  4. Fadeless
  5. Gabriel on the Gallows
  6. Bizarre
  7. Chizuru
  8. Ominous
  9. The Suicide Circus
  10. Ugly
  11. Blemish
  12. Undying
  13. Filth in the beauty
  14. Sludgy Cult
  15. Headache Man
  16. Tomorrow never dies

Rock on!





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