girugamesh @Zeche Carl, Essen, 14.05.16


On Saturday, 14.05.16, I was able to see girugamesh live! With No Need to Stay as their support-act they played in Essen. They also performed there on Sunday, but I was there on Saturday.

The support act No Need to Stay is a German Post-Hardcore band from Rudolstadt/Jena that consists of Asuka Actionstar (Vocals), Stefan Raabe (Guitar), Robin Decker (Guitar), Lukas Sommer (Bass), Kai-Uwe Michel (Drums). It was a pity that I was a little late, so I wasn’t able to see their whole show. A full stage with rocking people around there. The audience was rocking, too. Really cool!
I’m surprised – this year nearly all the support acts I’ve seen were really cool. That’s not “normal” – keep it like this!
Well, the band was really energetic on stage (like all the bands that weekend ^^”) and did a great job. Please check them out!

So when girugamesh entered the stage the people freaked out (in a positive way). Moshpits, growling people and flying hair all around the audience. Screaming, singing, dancing, headbanging – that was the crowd. Although everything of my body hurt like hell, I was rocking the sh*t out of me in consequence of more pain 😀 But it was worth it! Really!


Photo: Max Grebien

It’s really sad that girugamesh will disband this year – their music is awesome, I like the vocals – everything. I know them for around 13 years today and I’m really greatful for the possibility to see them live! All the way to Essen was a torture – but worth it!

Well – back to the topic. The band talked much with the audience – more Japanese like English, was not cool for the people that don’t speak Japanese (like me). Like I’ve heard from other people, they talked about their disbanding this year and that they don’t make any progress as the band they are now. So they’ve decided to end their band-being. But back to the more happy things.

13244254_1347768681906450_4230366694995468405_o (1)

Photo: Max Grebien

The setlist of girugamesh was awesome, their choice of songs all around the giru-era was amazing! Songs like Break Down, Drain, chimera or Owari to mirai were played~ The whole setlist will follow downwards.

The crowd was singing so loud – that was amazing. No matter if the lyrics were in English or Japanese, I love the Japanese fandom! The show’s end was really early, at around 9:30 p.m. girugamesh left the stage after a setlist of 20 songs and a show about 100 minutes – wow!

Here’s the setlist of girugamesh:

  1. –chimera-
  2. wither mind
  3. Go ahead
  5. Vermillion
  6. Slip out
  9. Puzzle
  11. Real my place
  12. Another way
  14. Drain
  15. Driving time
  16. Evolution
  17. END


  2. gravitation
  3. Break down

Maybe they will change their choice and won’t disband~ It’s allowed to dream, isn’t it?


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