„Music has no f*cking borders“ – coldrain @Headcrash, Hamburg, 13.05.16

Last Friday coldrain were in Hamburg at the Headcrash. Wage War and Counting Days played there as support acts.

After a loooong way to Hamburg we finally arrived at around 8:30 p.m. We sadly missed the first band, Counting Days. But at the merchandise they made promo for their band. So we got some stickers. A pity I can’t talk about their performance, but their music is really cool. After the concert they gave stickers to the people around there. But: Just listen 🙂

We entered the Headcrash about 10 minutes before Wage War left the stage. So we weren’t able to see much of their performance. But what we saw was great! Their music is really cool, too and their performance was full of energy.

At 9:30 p.m. coldrain entered the stage. “WAS GEHT AAAAB?! MOIN MOIN! I don’t even know what it means” were the first words of Masato. So much power on stage! They were awesome! This was my very first headline-show of coldrain. I saw them two times as a support act for Bullet for my Valentine and two times with Crossfaith 🙂 I hope they will return soon. Headliner shows are the real shit 😀 Well, their show was amazing, the crowd was partying like there’s no tomorrow. There was more sweat than oxygen, I think xD And it was too damn hot! The Headcrash isn’t really big and all the sweaty people around there~ it was like we were in hell :< So I left the crowd and rocked at the door. There was fresh and cold air.


pictures by Franziska Pollmann

90 minutes pure hotness and awesomeness! I love coldrain and their songs. Their song choice was great, too. They played the best out of the best! The setlist will follow at the end. Masato talked so much with the audience. The most powerful sentence of this evening was “Music has no f*cking borders”.

An evening with good music and good friends. What more do you want? What more do you need? All in all it was AWESOME!

Setlist of coldrain:

  1. Vena
  2. Wrong
  3. Evolve
  4. Fire in the Sky
  5. Divine
  6. Time Bomb
  7. No Escape
  8. Six Feet Under
  9. Words of the Youth
  10. You lie
  11. Heart of the Young
  12. Gone
  13. Pretty little Liar
  14. Voiceless
  15. Die tomorrow
  16. Runaway
  17. The War is on
  18. The Story
  19. The Revelation


Hope they’ll be back soon!

– Michelle


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