Sonntags-Playlist: J-Rock

So, this post will be in English because J-Rock is a worldwide phenomenon! And not only the German-speaking people should understand this!

Well why did I choose this theme? My weekend was full of J-Rock concerts! On Friday I was at the coldrain concert in Hamburg and on Saturday I was able to see girugämesh live. It’s a pity that they will disband this July after their last concert :< So I’m really, really happy and lucky to have the chance to see them for my first and one of their last times. I’ve choosen 10 of my favourite J-Rock songs. It was really difficult for me~ There are so many awesome artist, but I can’t do a “Top 100 playlist” – would be too much 😀  So, I hope you will enjoy my decision. Have fun with it 🙂 Let me know  if you know this artists or if you like other ones better. Tell me your “J-Rock-story”!

#1 coldrain – Gone

I fell in love with this band 2 years ago, like I said way too often :’D I really love this song and wanna have a tattoo with on phrase of it.

#2 D’espairs Ray – Horizon

D’espairs Ray.. I’m really sad about not being able to see them live. I fell in love with them in my 5th class I think~ I was like 12? So I’m listening to J-Rock for like 13 years now. I’m pretty old 😀 D’espairs Ray was next to Mucc my first J-Rock band, my first song was “Born”. Amazing band!

#3 the Gazette – Filth in the beauty

Gazette + this song = LOVE *-*

#4 Maximum the Hormone – Zetsubou Billy

Ooooh, DEATH NOOOOTE!! I read the manga, I watched the anime, I listened to the opening and ending songs and I joined another crazy fandom!

#5 Mucc – Saishuu Ressha

My first J-Rock band! This song was on TV (I think it was VIVA) and I like it at the first sound. Dunno why, it’s cool! I wanna see them live one day, I hope really soon 🙂

#6 Dir en Grey – Itoshisa wa Fuhai ni Tsuki

Dir en Grey – Last year (in May!) I traveled to Berlin to see them live and it was worth it! Kyo – little Japanese guy with sounds – unbelievable! I was really surprised and liked what I’ve seen. This song is really calm and reminds me of my work at the nursery, because it was my alarm-sound. 😀

#7 SuG – Love Scream Party

I don’t know how I got to know them. I think I just surfed trough Youtube and found it. It’s a party-song, not like the other ones that are “dark” and “melancholic”. I like dancing to this song!

#8 Miyavi – Señor Señora Señorita

Hottie! Really! And this song ~ I like Spanish and his accent is really hot! Voice + accent fit perfect into the music. I like “latino”music and this song is kinda one of this kind of music. (Sorry, there’s only a live-version on Youtube!)

#9 girugämesh – Jarring Fly

That was my favourite song from the album “13’s reborn” and I was listening this song the whole day again and again and again..

#10 Moi Dix Mois – Neo Pessimiste

Moi Dix Mois – Mana-sama was senpai-san! This band live will ever be a dream of mine – wasn’t able to see them. Mana was awesome with his clothes and his voice. The music is mixed with French-highlights. Something different than the other songs. The original version „Pessimiste“ is cool, too. But I prefer the darker “Neo Pessimiste”. There’s an more or less awesome Mashup “Pessimiste vs. Neo Pessimiste”.

This was sooo f*ckin difficult! There are sooo sooo many awesome artists left, but I can’t post a “Top 100 Playlist” in here 😀 Would be way too much~ So some other great artists are: An Cafe o(≧∀≦)o, m.o.v.e., Versailles, Crossfaith, Nightmare, Deathgaze, D, Gackt, Babymetal, exist trace, LM.C, ONE OK ROCK and more~

With all those awesome songs I could fill a 2nd and 3rd playlist~ Maybe there will be a 2nd part, but I have too many ideas for my playlists 😀

I hope you had fun and maybe found some new music for yourself!

Stay nyappy o(≧∀≦)o

~ Michelle (or like my Japanese-nickname many years ago Yuro-chan :D)


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