Cold Summer – Fight to survive, EP-release

This Friday, 1st April 2016, Cold Summer release their new EP „Fight to survive“

Cold Summer is an energetic four-headed post-hardcore band from Leeds, England. The band members are Dan Feast (vocals), Chris Harrison (guitar), Chris Hepworth (bass guitar) and Justin Eastwood (drums). Their music is kind of experimental melodic rock with the influence of all four band members. All in all results music in a bittersweet mood mixed with fear and pure passion – hardcore and punkcore.


The band started in 2011 and maintained a so-called “do-it-yourself work ethic”. Cold Summer produce their music by themselves and released two EPs until now: “Transitions & Wake” in 2012 and the self-titled album “Cold Summer” in 2013.

The self-organized album-release-tour in 2014 with “He Is Legend” got them attention. Soon followed gigs with artists like “Funeral for a Friend”, “Lemuria”, “Self Defense Family”, “Milk Teeth”, “Polar”, “Employed to Serve” and “Grieved”.

Last year the band worked hard on new stuff, inspired by a world of consumption, greed and corruption. A call to arms of an apathetic generation.

Here’s the official video of their latest release „A Time Imagination Forgot To Inspire”, which is a part of the new EP.


You can preorder the new EP here:



More information about the band and more music:

Soundcloud, Facebook, Pinterest, Bandcamp, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter

I really fell in love with their music! I like „Bear eats Wolf“ most and am listening to it for days again and again! I’m really looking forward to their EP and hope it will be as awesome as the other songs!


Enjoy their music!



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