Gay or straight we all masturbate- The Used at Knust, Hamburg, 04.03.2016



The New Regime and the Used, 04.03.16 @Knust Hamburg

Friday evening, a visit at Subway, cookies for free (thanks again!! :)) and an awesome concert! At 9 p.m. started the gig at Hamburg’s Knust. Tabea and me had a great evening in Hamburg!

The New Regime, the support act, is a one-man-band from San Diego that plays alternative music. The performance was pretty good and the music is, too! A biiig positive point is, that multi-instrumentalist Ilan Rubin talked with the audience. Many support acts play their songs, tell who they are and where are they from and that’s all. “Wir lieben Hamburg und alles Deutschland. Wir kommen aus die Vereinigte Staaten und lieben Deutschland”.

Ilan had some help at the stage, so there were two more guys supporting him with playing the drums and the bass. All in all the performance of The New Regime was really cool. Buuut, I have to criticize one point: the last song was too long! There was a long instrumental passage in the middle of the song and the end was really long, too. The beat was cool, but the whole song was a little bit boring – so keep it short! After nearly 45 minutes the guys left the stage and everything was prepared for the Used.


At 10:15 p.m. the show continued and the main act entered the stage! The Used is a band from Utah with the members Bert McCraken (singer), Jepha Howard (bass), Justin Shekoski (guitar) and Dan Whitesides (drums). Big applause and much cheers came from the audience. It was a special tour, because the Used are celebrating their 15 year anniversary now! Congratulations for so many years with such good music! This show was a “special”, too, because it was dedicated to their album “In Love and Death”, so they played every song from it. It was an awesome atmosphere! Singer Bert McCraken talked so much, it was really emotional! But everything in time! After the first two songs they decided to get two people on stage. So there were two siblings, twins, dressed in perfect evening gowns. The girl in a dress and the guy stood there in a suit. “The next song is a love-song and you two are siblings who obviously love each other”, said Bert, so they started playing the third song “Let it bleed”. The siblings were dancing next to the band til the end of the song.


With other words like “Be yourself and don’t give a fuck about what people think” and some words about the loss of someone close to you like “So tell people you love them before it’s too late! Turn around to the next person on your right or left and hug him or her. Can you feel the love?” (not the same words, but the same meaning). It was really emotional – I had to suppress some tears (Michelle). This was a really special moment and a special concert! I think another real emotional and sad situation was, that many people say, that the album “In Love and Death” saved their lives. I think everyone has a band that supported them during the hardest times of their lives. But what band talks about such situations at concerts? I think that was the point I fell in love with this band! Really, go to a gig, listen to their songs and listen to their words! The “sad” moments didn’t want to end: The song All that I’ve got was dedicated to the singer’s dog, David Bowie, which was hit by a truck during the making-of of the album “In Love and Death”. He talked about his dog while the gig and then he praised David Bowie, a great musician who sadly left the surface of this earth earlier this year.

A really cool quote came on while Bert summoned the younger generation to put their phones away. He wanted us to “make some real memories!”. So many people put their phones in the air, follow concerts on their mobile-screens and can’t recognize a single “real” thing. That’s a pity! One or two photos for your photo album are cool – yes. And please, don’t bring your fuckin’ tablets! People behind you can’t see a single thing. Every time a person with a big fat phone or tablet is standing in front of me, I’d like to push this shitty thing out of their hand onto the floor (I’m really in the rage mode then!), but I pull myself together and ask kindly, if they can put it down (Yeah, with 14 I stood there the whole concert filming and taking photos.. but now I’m older and wiser :’D).

So, all in all this concert was awesome, full of talking and emotions! “Enjoy these moments while they last! Sing along and if you don’t know the word, make up your own!” The setlist of the evening you can find HERE. But before I’ll end now: the merchandise of the Used was really cool! I really love the wristbands with “Gay or straight, we all masturbate” or “Waste some time with you”. But I think that paying for a sticker isn’t really cool. You can put stickers everywhere, so you’re promoting the band. So I think to pay 1€ for one sticker is really cheeky 😉 But that’s the only point I have to criticize!

And don’t forget to check both bands out:

The New Regime




the Used




A big thank you to the Used for letting me win to be on your guestlist! Maybe we’ll see soon again!

Tabea & Michelle


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