Caravan Palace @ Mojo Club, Hamburg

06.02.16 – last minute tickets from a private seller. Sold out show. My first concert this year! Caravan Palace in Hamburg @ Mojo Club. As support act played Vendredi.

Well – it was my first time in the Mojo Club and it’s amaaaaziiing! It’s an underground club, which I didn’t find at the first time. The atmosphere is great, there you can play „Space Invaders“ aaaaaand the most important: There is an automat with BEER in the toilet. Normally its the men’s toilet – but if you enter the womans toilet and pass the cabins you leave at the men’s entrance. That was really funny and confusing at the same time 😀

So, Vendredi began the show. It’s now my kind of music. They „play“ Minimal and House. So their show is like: We stay at the mixer and move to the music. Nothing more. They didn’t speak with the audience – so it wasn’t that cool. Maybe something for a Disco-Night, but I think it’s nothing for being a support act at a concert.

So, Caravan Palace began their show at around 9 p.m. The first two songs, „Comics“ and „Lone Digger“, two of the best songs from the new album are soo soo cool. But the sound while those songs was terrible, horrible, awful.. don’t know how to say – it was a mess! I really don’t know what the soundman did. It was a pity, ‚cuz of this horrible sound, the songs weren’t that cool, as they normally are. Sometimes you wasn’t able to hear the vocals. 😦 Sorry for this!

But the sound was better after it – from time to time it changed. Some songs sounded awesome, some were so lala~ That was too bad! ‚Cuz the location was awesome and the band is too!

But I’ll tell about the positive things now: Well, the show of the main act was about 90 minutes with two encores – not every band comes back two times. So this was a big PLUS!

While the show they really enjoyed being on the stage – they danced really cool, had a great lightshow (with the Robot <|°-°|> on the stage) and had so much fun. And so had the audience. I think most of the people in front of the stage didn’t give a shit about the bad sound, they only partied like there is no tomorrow. And so did the band. It was full of energy! The audience was a colourful mix of people of every age. I think, I was a part of the younger generation there.

I think the most songs were from the new album „Robot <|°-°|>“ like „Lone Digger“, „Tattoos“, „Comics“ or „Wonderland“.

So, all in all that concert was kinda strange. I think this was the most awful sound I ever heard, but the performance was great. It’s something between awesome and bad. I can’t really decide which one dominates.

So, the band is awesome, check them out!


YouTube: Tattoos, Lone Digger (THIS VIDEO IS AWESOME :D), Comics

So that’s it for now!






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