We Came As Romans and ONE OK ROCK at Dock’s, Hamburg

Long time no talk, I’m sorry for that! I visited many concerts in the last weeks (Russkaja in Hamburg, Letterbox Salvation and John Allen in Oldenburg, Callejon in Bremen, Electric Six in Essen), but I couldn’t find any time for writing about them. University stuff and things like that robbed all my time. But all those concerts were really aweeesooome!!

Well – 5 days ago I was in Hamburg to see ONE OK ROCK. And there I got to know the awesome We Came As Romans. They rocked the stage, like it was the end of the world. Awesome show, powerful performance, amazing songs – everything was perfect. The audience was partying with them – some of us had to headbang. My poor neck – I headbanged till my neck hurt! Ouch! 😀 After about 30 minutes their performance ended and they left the stage.

At 09:00 p.m. ONE OK ROCK entered the stage. Most of their songs they played are from the new album „35XXXV„. They are really cool, you have to listen to it. My personal favorites are „Take me to the top“ and „Stuck in the middle“. And for sure they played some old songs like „The Beginning“ and „No Scared“, which was the last song. Here’s the playlist from Berlin, but it’s the same as it was in Hamburg (click me 🙂).

I have to say, that the concert this year was million or better billion times better than last year. This year was only one support act which performed about 30 minutes. Last year they had two acts which played about 70 minutes, but OOR only had one hour to play. This year the main act had more time, so they were able to play longer than one hour! My impression this year was that the guys were more powerful and had a better mood. So the whole show was more energetic and really, really awesome! I hope to see them soon again (maybe at Rock am Ring? :)).

So, if you don’t know this awesome band, just google them and listen to their songs on YouTube. Fans of Japanese rock, rock in general or alternative music will love them, I’m pretty sure!

So rock on, have a nice Christmas and a good start into the new year! We’ll see next year at the latest.



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