Bullet for my Valentine, 08.11.15 in Bremen, Aladin Music Hall

Special Guests: While she sleeps and coldrain

As the title says: On Sunday, 8th November 2015 Bullet for my Valentine were in Bremen. Tabea and me were there! At 8 pm the first band started: coldrain. They were the main reason why I, Michelle, was there. They are a Japanese rock band with five members: Masato, RxYxO, Y.K.C., Sugi and Katsuma.

Too bad they only had about 30 minutes to play. But those 30 minutes were worth it! They choose 6 wonderful songs: The War is on, Evolve, The Revelation, Gone, Words of the Youth and No Escape. In my opinion they played their best songs! On stage they are rocking and having fun, it’s not only fun to listen to them and to rock on, it’s really cool to look at them. Jumping. Screaming. Rocking. Really, really awesome!

After coldrain there was the 2nd special guest: While She Sleeps.

I already knew the name and a friend of mine told me, they are a great live act. So I was waiting. And hell yeaaah! They had as much fun as the audience. And the singer has awesome long haaair! As coldrain they really rocked the stage. The singer was really crazy. So he climbed on something like a balcony, stood there, gave some high five to fans and finally jumped into the audience to crowdsurf. Really crazy move. Maybe we’ll show you the video in the near future J.

After 45 minutes of their performance they left the stage and everything was prepared for the main act: Bullet for my Valentine!

BfmV played many, many new songs from their new album “Venom”. Some older songs like “Tears don’t fall” and “Waking the Demon” found their way onto the stage, too. What I was missing was the energy on stage. Both support acts were rocking like hell. And Bullet was standing there and playing – nothing more. It’s too bad. That was missing! But the atmosphere in the audience was awesome! 90 minutes full of rocking people.

After the show coldrain and While She Sleeps gave autographs and the possibility to take photos with them. After a picture with coldrain, we had to go, to get our train back home.


It was an awesome evening and I’d like to see coldrain soon again! 🙂



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