Rise of the Northstar and Dir en grey | 20.05.15, Astra Kulturhaus Berlin

Berlin, 20th of May 2015 – Astra Kulturhaus

After a 6 hour bustrip to Berlin and many public transports I arrived at the Berlin trainstation. Around 05:30 pm I arrived at the “Astra Kulturhaus” and there stood many people with colourful hair and mostly black clothes. I met an old friend of mine and got to know to a girl from Hamburg. One hour later, the two girls I was waiting for arrived there, too.

Until 07:00 pm we talked a lot and then the entry began. First we went to the merchandise. It was pretty expensive, but it looks soooo amazing. I bought a T-Shirt and a Wristband. :3

At 08:00 pm started the support band “Rise of the Northstar”. Their first sounds kicked off our asses. It was like a big wave that totally blew us away. The sounded really, really good! It was kind of metal and hip hop, but the band describes themselves as “This is not Hxc, this is not Metal, this is not Rap… This is us. Bring back the furyo style!” They unite some genres and the result is “The Rise of the Northstar”.  Their performance was amazing, they had so much power in their songs and in their whole performance. One part of the audience was partying as hard as never before, the other part stood in front of the stage and was just listening.

After 30 minutes full of power the band left the stage. Half an hour later Dir En Grey came onto the stage.

17 songs, dark and amazing. Kyo’s voice is kind of amazing. I don’t know how it’s possible, that just a small Japanese guy can make such noises!? His voice had an interval from very low tune tones to growling and screaming till a very high pitched voice. It is amazing!


The band played old songs like “Saku” or “Fukai” and nearly the whole new album. The Setlist can be found here: http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/dir-en-grey/2015/astra-berlin-germany-1bc851b8.html

The people moshed, made “Circle pits” and jumped as hard they could. They screamed and shouted and sang the songs. The venue wasn’t sold out – but it was an atmosphere like it was more than sold out. The performance was underlined by videos in the background. Videos like the PV of “Agitated screams of maggots” or just a background with many, many sky lanterns (following picture). That looked amazing!!


I think it was a pity, that the band didn’t say anything to their fans. The only word Kyo said was “Dankeschön” – nothing more. I don’t know if it’s normal, ‘cuz this was my first Dir En Grey concert, but I think there was missing the communication between the band and the fans.

All in all it was an amazing evening and I’m not regretting anything. The long trip to Berlin, the trouble with the trains and the night at the train station without any sleep was worth it!!

I can only recommend a concert of Dir En Grey! So if you like Japanese rock or metal, just listen to them! Here’s a link to the new Album https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfKuUSx_TwI&list=PLaZN3pddOSl7itx5F2J3UOVP7oKh9ebVZ

Rock on!



2 Gedanken zu “Rise of the Northstar and Dir en grey | 20.05.15, Astra Kulturhaus Berlin

  1. Kyo doesn’t speak much at all during lives. He says a bit more during Japanese lives but not by much. So it wasn’t unusual for them! I agree though, I generally enjoy more interaction from bands especially in smaller venues. But I’ve seen them seven times, so I’m used to it, ha.

    Gefällt 1 Person

    1. Thank you for your comment! So it’s normal, okay 🙂 I didn’t know, like I said, it was my first time (but not my last time, haha! :))

      Gefällt mir

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