Thirty Seconds To Mars – Live at Ergo Arena, Gdansk (Poland)


Credit: Thirty Seconds to Mars

Thirty Seconds To Mars in Poland

Long time no see. This counts also for the American rock band Thirty Seconds To Mars. Consisting of Jared Leto, Shannon Leto and Tomo Milicevic. Also, Stevie Aiello kind of belongs to the band as he is the official tour bassist.

Thirty Seconds To Mars have been touring with their current album “Love Lust Faith + Dreams” which was released in 2013 now for good two years all over the world. Several tour legs have been played in America, Europe, Australia, South Africa, South America, Asia, and and and. Now, they played their last tour leg in Europe. Those were three concerts in Austria, Ukraine and Poland. Also there were some special acoustic sets in Paris and London, and a former tour leg in Russia.

The original date for the concert was in April, but due to unknown circumstances the concert was rescheduled. May the fourth be with you. This also could have been the possible motto for the show – but it wasn’t. For us, it was a last minute decision to go to this concert. Like, you never know when they’ll come back – and now you see. It was a good decision. Since we decided last minute we had to live with seats practically under the roof of the arena. But who cares? We had the fun of a lifetime under the roof of the Ergo Arena in Sopot.

The concert was set for 20:30 and the inlet started at 18:30. Support act for Thirty Seconds to Mars was a polish DJ duo called “Glassesboys”. After the bad experience we’ve made last year in Mönchengladbach we were very surprised. Those two know how to heat an audience up. Highly recommended. To be honest they were really good and we danced along to the music under the roof.

Thirty Seconds to Mars were surprisingly punctual and started their show only with a short delay. Now, people who went to more than one show of the LLF+D leg knew how most of the shows started. But for the last leg they decided to do something new. The show was opened with the song “Carmina Burana: O Fortuna”. And yes, it was amazing. The best thing is when you are sitting under the roof that you are able to enjoy the light show and everything else so much more. Okay, I love standing in the pit but can’t have everything. Sad, but true.

Right after the Intro Up in the Air was blasted into the arena. The beat went through our bodies and it didn’t matter that Jared still had to search his voice. It was amazing. I felt free and needed to jump and dance.

And hello, how CRAZY are the polish people? Never heard such a loud audience before that.

Thirty Seconds To Mars is known for their enthusiastic shows. They know how to form a group dynamic. For example with slamming your fist in the air for “This Is War”. You always feel like you belong to something bigger when you’re standing in the audience doing this, singing the lyrics. It creates strength and it’s a powerful tool Leto is using here. Also, letting the audience chanting important parts of the songs creates this huge feeling that everyone in the arena belongs here. They never fail to make you forget your problems, your everyday life. You feel cherished, you feel loved, you feel free.

The show was played in well known Thirty Seconds To Mars manner as I would say. Jared, the singer and frontman, jumps up and down, sings, orders the audience to do something, and is the well known center of the whole show. As usual, this is what it is with every band. But we do not want to forget Tomo, who is incredibly multi-talented, concerning all the instruments he is playing live on stage. Hello, this guy is amazing. And last but not least, Mr. Shannon Drummer Leto. Did you ever really paid attention towards this drummer? If not, now is your turn. The passion he is using while banging his drums is incredible. You practically feel the energy he is using to play his drums. Never saw someone like this being this passionate about his drums.

My biggest highlight was when he played his song L490 from the album This Is War. It was probably one of my biggest dreams to hear that one live. I’m just in love with Shannons way of making music (tip, listen to L490 and Convergence, both written & played by Shannon).

Of course a Thirty Seconds To Mars show includes an acoustic part. This time Jared decided to play that one at the back of the arena. Three songs, Hurricane, From Yesterday, and the Kill. I would say, mostly the usual stuff we know. He joked around a lot. Some people wanted him to put off his hat, but he didn’t. Jared is wearing a hat all the time because for his new role (Suicide Squad – The Joker) he’s not allowed to show his green hair. Whatever, people are weird. It’s not a surprise that the Joker’s hair is green, but hey. We have to live with it.

I cannot even say how long the show was. At least 90 minutes, I would say definitely longer (almost 2 hours heheheh). Highly recommended to everyone who likes this kind of music and who likes having this feeling of a unity.


Carmina Burana: O Fortuna

Up In The Air

Search and Destroy

This Is War


Kings and Queens

Do or Die

City of Angels

End of All Days


Hurrican (Acoustic)

From Yesterday (Acoustic)

The Kill (Acoustic)

Bright Lights

The Race

Enter Sandman & Sad But True (both covers by Metallica, only played instrumental)

Closer To The Edge

Tips for concerts abroad:

Check out the arena before you go at home or at the hostel/hotel you’re staying.

Check out the public transport times and stations.

Maybe ask people to help (at the hostel or at the concert)

Be aware that probably not everyone speaks/understands English



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