The Crüxshadows | 30.04.15 in Oldenburg, Support: Monica Jeffries

Yesterday, 30th April 2015, I was in Oldenburg on a concert of The Crüxshadows. The show was f*ckin’ amazing, it was an incredible atmosphere – just WOW!

At 08:30 pm the show began with Monica Jeffries. Monica Jeffries is an artist that makes music of the genre Dark Synth Pop and Synth Pop – a mixture of a great voice and nice sounds. Her performance was about 45 minutes. I didn’t know her before her gig, but I’m really happy I was there. She’s a great musician and it’s worth listening to her music!

Check out her YouTube-Channel:

And like her on Facebook:

At 09:30 pm the gig of The Crüxshadows started. All the black dressed people in the front of the stage were excited. The whole band except of Rogue came onto the stage. 

The outfits were amazing and sexy, the sounds of the guitar, the violin, the keyboard and the drums were intense. Two girls were dancing – one on the left and one on the right side of the stage. Then Rogue came. But he was walking through the audience – I was a bit shocked as he suddenly stood next to me – I wasn’t expecting this. After climbing onto the stage he performed the songs with all of his heart. The show on stage was more than theater. At every part of the stage was something different – the dancing girls, the violin-players, the drums and the keyboard. The singer danced and walked from the right to the left and backwards. Like in the beginning, Rogue left the stage – he jumped between the people and was performing in the middle of the audience. He stood in front of various people and sang into their faces – some girls stood next to him and touched his hair, then they had to giggle. He repeated the performances in the middle of the audience various times, I think about 5 times~

One time, he grabbed a guy’s arm and then they danced in a circle – I don’t know how that kind of dance is called in English. It’s this kind of dance: 

Another time he took a bar stool, put it into the middle of all the people. Then he climbed onto it and sang and performed on this chair. After the middle of the concert, he introduced his band. He began with the words “We have a problem!” Everyone was like: “Oh noooo, what happens?” The he continued: “In Amerika sprechen wir Englisch, kein Deutsch. In Deutschland spricht man Deutsch. Das ist das Problem!“ – after a short break he added: „Aber wir sprechen heute Deutsch!“ Then he introduced his band. Some minutes after it he wanted to talk about the support of the fans and that he wishes, that the people will buy merchandise. “Wir würden uns freuen, wenn ihr uns mit Merchandise unterstützt. Es ist daaaaa und rechts!” He pointed with his finger in the direction oft he Merchandise. “Nein, es ist einfach DAA”. His accent was pretty cute, but his German is really, really good!

At the end of the concert, Rogue jumped again off the stage and pushed the people in the direction of the stage. He invited us all to join the band on stage – and suddenly there were about 20 or more people onto the stage.

After the show, Rogue gave some autographs and I was able to take a picture with him. Because of his high hair, he bumped into a vinyl that was hanging at the ceiling. I was laughing – he turned off, looked into my face and told me “Meine kleine Tochter sagt immer, das ist eine CD” – then he was smiling and giving another person an autograph. When he wanted to sign my concert-ticket, something stupid happened: While he was writing, the pen “exploded” and the colour was all over my concert ticket. So he wanted to give me a big picture of the whole band and the pen exploded again. The third try on another picture went well. After it I took a picture with him. Before going away, he hugged me and I asked, if I was allowed to touch his hair and I was really shocked, when he answered that this is his real hair. That was awesome and shocking at the same time!

All in all the concert was amazing and I wish to see the band live again. And that very soon! The played many famous songs and the performance were so close to the fans and more than theater! So everyone who likes this kind of music: Come and see them, it’s worth it!

Check them out on facebook:

Listen to them here:

Next Tourdates:

1st May : Die Pumpe, Kiel

2nd May: K17, Berlin

3rd May: Club Seilerstrasse, Zwickau

5th May: Babel, Malmö

7th May: Musa, Göttingen

8th May: Factory Magdeburg/Dominion Club, Magdeburg

9th May: Markthalle, Hamburg

10th May: Rockfabrik, Nürnberg

12th May: clubCANN, Stuttgart

14th May: Musikbunker, Aachen

16th May: Kulturzentrum Kammgarn, Kaiserslautern

Rock on! Michelle~


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