Miss Chaotic

Hey, my name is Janna. I’m 23 years old and I’m going to be a secondary school teacher. My subjects are English and History. Yeah, sounds pretty boring but it isn’t. I just spent three months in Ireland as an Au-Pair and made good and bad experiences. However, I still love becoming a teacher and going to continue my studies this October. Maybe again in Braunschweig.. maybe not. Who knows?

I’m pretty easy going. When someone is important to me I’ll do everything for them. I’m like a mommy sometimes. Always worried about my friends and family. I’m kind of chaotic… well not kind of: I AM chaotic. Whatever, on some days I’m not able to produce one whole correct sentence, on others I’m completely talking shit.. and then sometimes I just don’t want to talk at all. Nothing against anyone.. I just don’t want to talk. First impression, I might seem shy but when you get to know me you know I’m not 😉

Music is my first love, travelling my second. I love seeing new places and get to know the people who live there and their culture. It’s so amazing and now I have this „cute“ Irish accent and everybody will laugh about me.

My first concert was back in 2006 with my Dad and after that the next one was in 2009 and then 2011. That was when I discovered a certain finnish band and went crazy about going to concerts. I met an awful lot of amazing people through concerts. Some of them are now one of my best friends like Tabea. So, music is not only about feeling free or an escape from your troubles. It also connects you to people. And that’s what I really love about music. You’re able to meet so many amazing people who love the same kind of music as you do and sometimes it just clicks and there you go. New for friends for life – maybe.

Sooo, as I mentioned I met Tabea at a concert for the first time but we already know each other via internet. Michelle is Tabeas best friend and we went on holidays to Helinski together… so that’s how I met her basicially, and I met Lea also through Tabea.

I used to play the piano when I was younger but I stopped playing at some point. Sometimes I just want to start again. I love it when someone is able to play guitar. I just adore it. It’s so lovely. I pretend that I can sing very well, but I can’t. Still, I do it very often. Sorry for that 😉

Bandshirts: Around five
CD’S: over 50, less than 100 I would say
LP’s: Zero
Instruments: Zero

Craziest shit done for a band/concert: Probably flying out to Bulgaria for a festival and Meet&Greet for 30 Seconds To Mars. Also, once a companioned musicion slept in my flat because of reasons I don’t want to explain any further. Nothing to worry ‚bout!

P1070033 11121151_822890781119519_1294089991_n

First picture is from 2012 with Sunrise Avenue Singer Samu Haber. My smile is a little bit weird. Second one is from 2013 with my favourite musician in the whole world Jim Kroft.


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