The Prodigy – The Day is my Enemy



March 2015: The new album of The Prodigy was released. You will recognize much old stuff of Prodigy. But it’s not only the same old thing, it’s the most aggressive and most violent album they made. And that’s kinda awesome! All in all 9/10, ‚cuz there’s much old Prodigy-Style. It’s cool, but there has to be something new and different, too!


  1. The Day Is My Enemy: Aggressive industrial atmosphere with a pitched voice. The lyrics “The Day is my Enemy, the Night my Friend” represent the whole song, it’s atmosphere – everything. This song is a masterpiece in my opinion. A non-typical Prodigy song. 10/10
  2. Nasty: One of the songs that’s typical Prodigy-Style. Would be great live-performance song. Bass on and listen to it! 10/10
  3. Rebel Radio: Industrial atmosphere, violent phases, nice bass. Good song! 8/10
  4. Ibiza (feat. Sleaford Mods) [Explicit] : Drum’n’Bass and 8-bit-Nintendo-sounds: That’s Ibiza. A great featuring with Sleaford Mods. 10/10
  5. Destroy: Begins like a Nintendo or Game Boy game, continues with typical Prodigy-Sound. 8/10
  6. Wild Frontier: That song sounds like the older Prodigy songs. The lyrics (if I can say so) repeat over and over again like in older songs (e.g. Firestarter). It’s a typical Prodigy-Sound. If you’ll hear the song the first time without knowing the artist, your first thought will be “That’s Prodigy!”. 9/10
  7. Rok-Weiler: Dark drum’n’Bass elements, hard sounds and the analogy with a Rottweiler [Rok-Weiler]. The thing with the Rottweiler intensifies the violent thing. Great sounds, great song! 10/10
  8. Beyond The Deathray: And instrumental song without any lyrics. It isn’t violent nor aggressive like the rest of the album. Some parts are calmer, some are more intense. 8/10
  9. Rhythm Bomb (feat. Flux Pavillion): Pitched voice, dubstep- and brostep-DJ Flux Pavillion and Prodigy: Intense bass, danceable song, rhythm bomb! “I need the rhythm to make my body move” fits perfect in here! Awesome song! 10/10
  10. Roadblox: Longest song with 5 minutes duration. Something like the old Prodigy stuff. In my opinion nothing special. It’s good, but only good. 8/10
  11. Get Your Fight On: Critical song with violent sound. Get your fight on reflects in the sound of that song. Danceable song, nice to party, great bass! 9/10
  12. Medicine: The songs starts with the sound of an oriental flute, which gives the song a special “flavour”. The flute appears in many parts in the song. All in all a good song. 8/10
  13. Invisible Sun: Calm song, good to play in the background. Other people will like it more than me, I guess. 7/10
  14. Wall Of Death [Explicit]: One of the more aggressive songs on this album. It reminds me of an industrial atmosphere, the sounds are really deep and intensive. You need to listen to this with your bass on! Awesome termination of this album! 10/10

You can listen to it via Amazon, YouTube or iTunes.



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