Infected Mushroom – Friends on Mushrooms [Deluxe Edition]

17 songs, 1 hour 39 minutes full of awesomeness! This album is a brilliant result of much work! It’s not the normal Infected Mushroom style – it’s something new, something different with many collaborations with other artists.

  1. Kafkaf: Something to dance on. I like it, but for me something’s missing. 7/10
  2. Bass Nipple: Song is OK, but doesn’t quite do it for me. Maybe others might like it more. 7/10
  3. Savant on Mushrooms (feat. Savant): First it’s really slow and calm. Second half has more energy. I like this kind of song! 10/10
  4. Kipod: Pure awesomness! But I prefer the Riot Remix of this song! Great sounds, different music-parts, very experimental 🙂 10/10
  5. Kazabubu: Something you can dance on. For me not a special song, it’s good. 6.5/10
  6. Now is gold (feat. Kelsy Karter): Now this song is gold 🙂 And the voice of Kelsy fits perfect! 9/10
  7. Rise up (with Savant): First it’s really slow and sounds a bit boring, but at 1:20 minutes it gets more funky. Again some 8-bit elements in the song! Pretty good 🙂 10/10
  8. Nerds on Mushrooms (feat. Pegboard Nerds): This song puts you in an industrial atmosphere with lots of different machines doing their thing. Then an alarm kicks in and the whole industry explodes. I like the different elements that are used! 9/10
  9. Mambacore: Sounds for me a bit dramatic and intense. And I like the, dunno how to describe, the wobbles in the middle of the song. 8/10
  10. Where do I belong (with Hope 6): Reggae with dubstep, a weird combination, huh? IM created a real gem with this song! A song you can sing with all your heart! Next to the riot Remix of Kipod my favourite one!!! 10/10
  11. Astrix on Mushrooms (with Astrix): Longest song with nearly 10 minutes duration. It took me some times to discover the greatness of this song. It’s psychedelic with lots of nuances you can’t hear by listening to this song one time. 9/10
  12. Who is there: This is a really fun track that starts off with a bouncy melody. It transitions into a dirty, heavy, bass-generated anthem that definitely delivers that ‘Friends on Mushrooms’ feel. 9/10
  13. Bark: I really like the title. The beginning of the song sounds like a little robot-dog to me. Experimental sounds which are great! 10/10
  14. Trance Party: The rolling drum in the beginning is very catchy. Like the title says: Trance Party! 10/10
  15. See me now: Some 8-bit elements, good song. Other people will like it more 🙂 7/10
  16. The French: And intense song you need to listen with all your heart. Bass on, turn it loud and listen! 9/10
  17. Kipod (Riot Remix): In my opinion the most amazing song with the most beats! It’s amazing and full of energy! Another gem of this album *-* 10/10

All in all this album gets 10 of 10 points! It’s awesome, just listen to it on YouTube, Amazon or iTunes.

Stay infected!



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