Get to know the queen…

…. of failures! 😉 

Helloooo to all!

My name’s Tabea. I’m 22 years old and live in Braunschweig, Lower Saxony, Germany. I study educational sciences here. First, I started with English and History, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, it changed haha 😉 (too lazy/stupid for English but ssshhht)

I think I’m a prettyy… easy person to get along with, I sometimes act a little stupid and I besides music, I like stuff like drawing, and the smell after rain in summer.

I travel a lot, seeing new places and meeting new people, hoping that I somehow find myself on one of these journeys. I still have the feeling that I don’t have a place in this world yet, nowhere to fit in, but I’m still willing to search for it.
I’m a really shy person, and totally unsure of everything I do, but I’m really good at hiding it.

Music has always had a big impact on my life. I’ve been through quite some stuff in my life and I was at a point, where I can say for sure that music saved my life. Literally.

When I was 13 I went to my first concert and soon became addicted to the feeling of freedom and just being able to forget everything for a few hours. Enjoy life.

For me, music is an escape and a loyal friend who will never let you down. It will always be there to catch you, to make bad times better and good times the best. Music connects the world through in a very special way. I totally agree when one says: „Music is the common language of the world“

When I was around… 8 I think, I started playing the flute. 6 years later, I quit, and actually I can’t remember anything haha. For 2 years now I play the guitar. Learning it all by myself, so I’m still a beginner, since I’m not the most talented person 😀

What else to know about me… oh, I’m part of the English theater group of my university! They’re awesome people and rehearsals are always fun 🙂

So, I run this blog together with Michelle and Lea. How I got to know them?

Well, for Michelle, to make it short, we met in 7th grade, when she came new into our class. And since then, our friendship grew stronger and stronger and I can’t even imagine my life without her anymore. We got through some bad and hurting times, but made it. We’re so different, and so alike in so many ways. Everything feels alright when I’m with her.
In August we have our 10 yr anniversary and in January we got a Tattoo together 🙂 (sounds like we’re married huh, well we are kind of lol)

10914128_920816284608876_1904514395_n (1)
Tattoo 🙂

For Lea, I met her in University. We tarted to study English in the same year. When I met her, she had this cool blue hair and we got into contact by me asking „do you dye your hair with directions?“ haha Yeah, that’s how friendships are made I suppose 🙂 I’ve never met anyone who is as addicted to music as she is. It’s crazy, and I love it. II’m really glad I met her, it’s always fun to be with her :3

Random stuff

Favourite Pokémon: I gotta admit, I never liked Pokémon that much. But I do like Eevee (it’s so fluffy and aww)

Favourite Digimon: Agumon :3

Favourite Superhero: KICK-ASS :D! Haha kidding..uh…probably Iron Man, I love his attitude!

Favourite Fantasy-Animal: Dragons, Dragons aaand Dragons! Oh, and Phoenixes are pretty cool, too.

Recommendation for a public toilet for a concert: Hm, all i can think of is the toilet at Schweinske at the Reeperbahn in Hamburg…but you can also go to McDonalds or BurgerKing, jsut have to pay 50 cents 🙂

How many ______ do I have?

Bandshirts:  uhh.. around 8 I think.

CDs: I don’t want to count them… probably around 100

LPs: shame on me- none. 😦 YET! But it will come. I love LP’s. ATM I do have my parent’s Vinyl of „The Rocky Horror Picture Show“ at home 🙂

Instruments: I own three guitars (2 acoustic, 1 electric) which I do play, and two flutes I don’t play

Craziest shit done for a band/concert: *cough* I flew out to Bulgaria (Sofia) with friends to go to a Festival where 30 Seconds To Mars were the main act.  4 days in a country where you can’t even read the street name. WHOOOOP!

Hottest Bandmembers: Jennifer Weist (Jennifer Rostock) *-* & the Leto brothers are pretty nice to look at, too 😀

396978_3413071771497_1950141488_n                      553543_3530439993322_4256339_n
y favourite pics with musicians haha.
ON the left, the amazing JIM KROFT. Don’t ask me how that picture happened. All I know is that it was in February 2012, when he supported Sunrise Avenue, whose singer Samu is the guy in the right picture.

Cheers to all!



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